About Me
Hey, I'm Chris! Most people don’t know this, but before I was a marketer and funnel strategist I worked as a mechanical engineer in the iron ore mining industry for about 5 years. 

Today, I am the CEO of The Funnel Division and for the past 3 years I have been heavily focused on honing my skills to become the best version of myself so that I can be better equipped to help others around me.
How To Create Your App In 14-Days or Less!
In this short 6-video mini course I reveal how you can create design and completely publish your app from scratch in 14-days or less...
Here's what you're gonna learn:
  • Create content for your mobile application by leveraging and curating your existing content
  • Categorize and organize your content in a way that helps you monetize by ascending people into your paid content
  • Discover some hidden app searchability tactics that help people find and consume your free content
  • ​​Design and publish your app in the next 14-days or less!
Get My Template Bundle For Just $99
Get this exact site template plus a complete training on how to transform it for your own brand! 

Here's what you're buying:
  • This website as a template - in a light and dark theme bundle
  • Complete training on how to transform it for your business
  • Example digital assets that you can use to create your own awesome imagery just like me
  • ​A list of tools and how to use them when building your site
Work With Me
My Service To $300k+ Business Owners
The ideal clients that I work with are business owners who aren't just motivated by the money... My clients are impact driven and have a purpose in life to change the lives of others in a huge way! 

Here are some of the results I've helped generate in the past few months:
  • Funnel profitability from 3 months to 2 weeks with a $1, 7 day trial
  • ​An extra $70k+ added to a challenge launch in just 4 weeks with a $47 offer 
  • Successfully launched a 6 figure funnel for the client’s first (and unproven) digital product
  • ​From zero sales per day to 1-2 sales per day with a $997 offer
If you've seen some of my work and enjoy the content I put out, then there's a chance I'll be able to provide a pretty awesome experience for your audience.

I've had the honor of speaking on stages in Australia, Indonesia and America!

I'm open to speaking opportunities across the world and would love to give your audience some awesome value!
What My Clients Say
Let's Connect!
I co-host a Facebook group called "Funnel Building: Strategy, Design & Automation". Jordan Franze and I are both very active in there and have some amazing advice to offer for everyone who is playing in the funnel game. I hope to see you inside!
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