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My life growing up...
So most entrepreneurs will tell you stories about them growing up entrepreneurial; flipping cars at age 6 and whatnot. Me? I'm a little different and always have been (this is where the entrepreneur comes out I guess - ironic huh?) 

Ever since I was young I loved making money, however I did it like most kids do - by working my ass off doing chores around the house. I remember that my mum had an a la carte chores check-list and I had the potential to earn up to $50 every 2 weeks (oh boy yes!)

Mum taught me that I had to earn everything I wanted - so from the age of 6, I was helping around the house; at 8 I was earning pocket money and paying for my own things and by the time I was a teenager, I was the first one in high school to get a job.

I was the hardest working employee in my school... at the age of 15, I became a manager for a local pizza restaurant. I would deal with payroll, manage customer complaints and about 5 employees.

I remember going to school some days with an $8 - 10 pack of Coca-cola cans that I bought at the fuel (gas) station across from the school and then flipping all the cans and making a handsome $10 profit (I'd keep one for myself). I would then I'd go and do it all again the next day!

As I was ready to graduate high school, I did a handful of different work placements to see what I enjoyed as a full-time career. For some reason I loved getting my hands greasy and playing with bearings and machinery. I actually graduated with awards in math and metal working (highest grades in my year), so it seemed like the best direction. 
Life after school...
After graduation I worked with my uncle during the day and continued managing the pizza shop at night. This lasted for about 3 months until I was 1 of 8 (out of 100's) selected to become a mechanical engineer apprentice for a massive mining company called 'Fortescue Metals Group' (FMG). 

I quickly became a star apprentice and won the best apprentice award at the company in my second year. During this year, I also moved from the town we were living in (Port Hedland, Western Australia) to Perth, Western Australia and bought my first house at 18!

****Okay... Side tangent...****

"CHRIS?! How did you buy a house at 18?!" 

Well... Remember how I said that I was the hardest working kid in school? Yeah... I ended up saving $20,000 by the time I left high school and increased that to $50,000 after my first year as an apprentice! I used that money as a down payment (around 10% of the loan) and went on my way!

****Tangent over****

The next 3 years became challenging though... See, as I moved to Perth, I also met the love of my life and I had to work fly in, fly out (FIFO). This meant that I would be home for 6 days and then away for the following 8. This roster sort of sucked... But we made it work!

By the time I was 21, I was about 6 months away from finishing up my apprenticeship but at this point the iron ore industry was out of it's boom and FMG was hurting. They ended up changing everyone's rosters to 2 weeks on site, 1 week off. You could imagine the uproar... Yeah, people got paid incrementally better but we were now working 2x more!

This was the first nail in the coffin for me...
Life as a qualified tradesman...
As I qualified as a mechanical engineer, I got the news that I would be relocating from the port, (where we load the iron ore ships and send them off to China) to the Ore Processing Facilities (OPF) out in Christmas Creek (it's the opposite of how it sounds... simply put; here we process big iron ore rocks into smaller ones). Anyway - my excitement wasn't high.

Second nail...

As I arrived at my new job, I quickly found that the work we had to do was absolutely grueling... We had it easy some days but others were non-stop. I would wake up at 2am every morning, get my gym session in and have breakfast at 4am - from there we would leave the camp site at 5:15am sharp and take a 15 minute bus ride to site where we'd begin work.

After 13 hours on site it was time to go home; 15 mins back to camp then a shower, call with my lady and bed. Rinse & repeat for 13 days straight. Sound a little like groundhog day?

Here's the thing...

As soon as I started this new position I KNEW it wasn't for me - I decided to actively make a difference. 

Instead of spending my time sleeping on the bus ride to and from work (like most), I made an effort to listen to my favorite business podcast. 

Instead of wasting the 1 hour + lunch break I had every day by talking about meaningless things (like ALL), I made an effort to read my 'self help' business books. 

By the time I had been in this role for 6 months I was averaging about a book a week and I was hungrier than ever.

I wasn't going to let the people around me pull me back in to what society deemed as the right thing to do. 

I wasn't going to be led by the 60+ year olds still doing heavy manual labor to frantically trying to fund their retirement. 

I knew what I had to do and it was anything BUT working 13 hour days for 2 weeks at a time.
My progression out of a job...
At this point I was pretty keen to try anything to earn money outside of my job.

I was actively consuming different information products (in totality), implementing them and having zero luck and then moving on. 

I remember the first product I bought was Anik Singal's 'Inbox Blueprint' that taught email marketing and list building as an affiliate. (I probably should have paid more attention to this back in 2014... ANYWAY...)

The next thing I tried was something called eBay drop shipping which was essentially the same as drop shipping from Aliexpress; but instead you were doing it direct from retail stores, listing it on eBay and marking up the price by around 20% (you'd be surprised at how many sellers at doing this). Definitely a pretty cool arbitrage method for people starting out!

I stuck with this one for about 3 months and actually got my first sale!!! Ah the sweet taste of online money. 

I sold a Dyson cordless vacuum for 18% profit (around $150) and I was convinced that I was on to something... until 2 short weeks later... the customer had emailed mentioning that it was the wrong vacuum and she wanted a refund...

Now... before I continue... this would have been super easy to refund if I lived in the same country as the retail store and the customer, however that was NOT the case. I had actually decided that I, from Australia would list and sell on the American eBay...

So... this meant opposite time zones, a fake phone number and physical address plus dealing with customer support for a company in a different country pretending to be the customer who I had sent the package to.


Needless to say, it was a fairly exhausting process that lasted around 4 weeks (poor lady!).

Suddenly my way out of mining wasn't very viable...

I was in a bit of a crappy situation. It was August, 2016 and I was already committed to a date that I was going to move on from mining. I had been telling everyone at work about my December 22nd goal of achieving enough success that I could walk away from this job that I hate!

What happened next was a cross between destiny, luck and a blessing in disguise.
Getting fired for the first time in my life...
Exactly 1 month after I started telling people about my goal, I missed my flight to work. At FMG, this was a pretty tough policy that they called the 'no show policy'. Simply put, if you missed 2 flights within a 12 month period, you were put under revision and if they didn't find any reasonable answers as to why you missed those flights, then you lost your job.

****Side note: FMG was at the time declaring redundancies because of the falling iron ore prices. So this was probably bound to happen to anyone who slipped up.****

It just so happened that I actually missed my flight the swing before this one because Bec, (my girlfriend) was up all night throwing up and I wanted to be there for her.

So just like that, I had missed my FIRST and last 2 flights in my whole working career.

They ended up flying me to site the same afternoon and then stood me down and sent me to my room for 4 days while they reviewed the case.

This is where my #funnelhacker story begins...

As I was stuck in my room at camp with nothing but a laptop, phone and TV, I came across an email from Russell Brunson promoting his 30 Day Affiliate Bootcamp (the very first version). Now... I sort of knew who he was and had heard the term funnel before, but I didn't really have an idea or understand what it was.

I decided to join his FunnelU subscription and for the next 3 days I DEVOURED all of his training and interviews with people like Trey Lewellen.

I WAS HOOKED. It was literally the first time I had felt the urge to tell someone to take my money and give me more training.

After the 4 days were up, I was sent home so they could review further with HR.

September 21st; after 3 long weeks of uncertainty and doubt, I was told to go into the head office in Perth and speak with one of the head managers.

I ultimately lost my job and was paid out my remaining annual leave holidays. The company turned around and told me that I was not entitled to the yearly bonus (which was a cool $20,000+ worth of company shares) even though I had worked my ass off in that position for over 12 months.

Third nail? haha... Nope... that thing was already 6 ft deep!
Here's to new beginnings... A clean slate...
At this point, I had 1 of 2 options...

1. Go back to mining for another company. Mining work was abundant.


2. Take a risk and give this affiliate marketing & funnel thing a crack.

Guess which one I chose...

In hindsight, I am eternally grateful to myself that I made the effort to save as much money as I could whilst preparing to leave my job. I ended up living on very little income for the next year (but we'll get to that soon).

I followed along with Stephen Larsen (he wasn't Steve yet) every single day over the next 14 days until the training stopped coming. I wasn't creative enough to know what to do by myself yet... so I what left thinking "Stephen, what else have you got for me man?!"

As the training stopped and the results DIDN'T happen, I was seriously out of ideas on what I could do...

And that's when it happened - my moment for an awesome opportunity.

One day as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw an advert from a local marketing company called 'Your Social Voice' (YSV). They were looking for interns! 

It was a scary thought to take a step back into working for free but I thought to myself: "F*ck it, I'm not having any success by myself - let's learn from some people in the game already!"

As soon as Bec came home I bombarded her with my excitement and she was instantly weary; but nonetheless gave me her permission and support.

The next week, I sent in my video application; and a week after that dressed up in a dress shirt, suit pants and my nicest shoes for an in person interview. I was so freaking hungry to get the job and so damn excited to learn from the infamous Kim Barrett.
I got in! Now what?

Let's Connect!
I co-host a Facebook group called "Funnel Building: Strategy, Design & Automation". Jordan Franze and I are both very active in there and have some amazing advice to offer for everyone who is playing in the funnel game. I hope to see you inside!
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